Thursday, 14 July 2011


So life has continued to stay as hetic as ever......even more so since this last post.

Since our last post we have been to Peta's retreat with our new friend 'BAAAbara'. She is now Nat's and my pride of joy....she is so cute and has everything we need when scrapping, right inside her..... She has a fridge at the front which holds all our food and drink requirements whilst retreating, with the fridge cover to die for...better no one else you know has a sheep cover for their fridge!!!!
Thanks Emily Pearce for photo
Isnt she cute?????

Bet you cant wait to meet her!!

We have just finished moving Nat into her new house, it is a lovely house and I havent seen Nat this happy and relaxed for ages....she is so excited about having another house that is hers....I am looking forward to having some fun scrapping days there.....

This week we are working our little fingertips off getting 90 wedding invitations done for my sisters wedding in Sept, nothing like leaving it to the last minute...but it is what Nat and I do best, working under pressure...

Once these are finished then we can start thinking about packing up our house ready for our move......Hopefully the start of Daggy's and my new adventure, things in our life have been so stagnant lately and I am really looking forward to the change, there is SO much hard work ahead of us but setting ourselves a task and then doing it, I think will be good for our souls......well I am hoping so anyway......

Thought I would fill you all in on 'whats doing?'

See you when your bum cracks......



  1. Hello girls from your newest stalker! hope to see plenty more updates! and photos :)

  2. :( I commented on here last night and its not here now!!!! did it get deleted???

    I was so honoured to be one of the 1st too meet BAAbara.... she is awesome just like you guys <3