Thursday, 26 May 2011


when I started this blog, I thought how cool will it be to blog all the time and let everyone know what Nat and I are up to!'

With this we have failed miserabley!!!!

2 months later, this is our first check in and update...

Life has been pretty flat out for the past couple of months, Nat is now working everyday and I am really missing our Wednesday's that we used to spend together, I said to Nat the other day ' I am feeling very unloved' and had to ask her to reconfirm that I am still her favourite......

We always have homemade pizza night on Fridays, however over the past month we havent had one.....tonight we are back on track.....and I cant wait, we spend time just hanging out preparing all the toppings, drinking and just being dicks, as we do so well!

On the scrapping front...well thats also been neglected, couldnt tell you the last time we scrapped, may even have been at Kate's retreat....oh how I am looking forward to getting away in 4 weeks to Peta's for the weekend....The antics of it all...cant wait!!

So I sit here, waiting for the next 5 hours to pass, so I can see my best friend again!!!


  1. at least your blog was here to for you when you needed it :)
    Glad you and Nat got to 'get back to normal' on friday....

    Miss you guys scrapping together once a month here - can't wait till thats 'back to norm' too

  2. Helllloooooo........welcome to blogland girls!!!

    Looking forward to laughing with you both again real soon :)